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3/23/15: 1st show, 1st day, #npe2015. Near the 19000 Marker; come try our Configurators:
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Remembering Patrick Henry today. Full speech: Facts: Patrick Henry

Band Heaters w/ spring clamping – FAB for thermal expansion. More clamping options: Spring Bands

Need an easy barrel heater? Ask our friends at: @ProheatInc1 More QC info Quick Clamp

Skylab launched today in 1973. Enjoy nostalgic footage:
Read details: Astronauts

We are Crankin’ out Cartridges! BIG thank you to: #miraco_water_systemsTweet Miraco Cartridge Order

We make Mica Plates! See more custom examples!: Custom Plates

Happy Cinco de Mayo! AND Taco Tuesday! Cinco de Mayo